We are passionate in helping our clients get everything they hope for from our service.

If there is anything we can improve on or if you are having trouble finding a certain product, ask one of our friendly staff. If we do not stock it, we can order it in for you.


Looking for a career in the beauty industry in Queensland it was possible to see how this area still needed something extra about it. Mainly a personalised service with the right price. 

House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon was established to offer you the best services about beauty care using all the skills and knowledge we developed over the past 15 years with international studies and experience. We want to be more than a service for you, we want be part of your family that you can always rely on.   We value great service and performance. Staying at our best is the most important for us. We continue to train, up skill and attend worldwide refresher courses, to get the newest trends, techniques, and products so that we can continue to deliver to a high standard.

To be  reference in hair treatments and hair chemical focused on healthy hair. 
To be recognised at the market as pioneer salon focused in mindful use of hair chemical. Our focus is to really listen to our customers, understand their needs, and provide the exceptional level of service and experience that makes them relax with the confidence that the job will be exceptional.



Transform and enhance the client’s beauty through innovative and exclusive treatments aimed at the mindful use of hair chemical, prioritising the health of the hair & Scalp, thus rescuing the self-esteem and well-being of our customers.

We want to be recognised by our customers, employees and the beauty industry as the leading provider  of  mindful use of hair chemical in the Brisbane area.


Ethics: Act and speak respectfully to customers and employees and demand to be treated with respect.
Transparency: Be honest in our words and actions, showing customers and employees that we respect principles and rules and that we are faithful to the commitments assumed in delivery an excellent service.
Passion: Put ourselves in our customers shoes to understand what else they need. Be commited with our bodies and souls in all our tasks, starting  from the simplest to the most complex.

Continuous innovation: We are committed to customers, followers and partners to constantly implement improvements in our processes, products, services and technologies offered in our space. Our focus is to meet and exceed our customers' expectations through the continuous creation of exclusive protocols and services.

Focuses on creating an excellent place to work and offering the best environment to our employees, House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon's culture is characterised by some standards that hold values in commitment, ethics, clients and employees care and integrity.


  • We respect and treat with respect the individual

  • We have manners

  • We listen to what you say and need

  • We make sure that our staff and our customers are happy

  • We're punctual and hardworking

  • Always keeping our vision and mission and values in mind to achieve our goals.

House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon value our customers, as it is YOU that has inspired us to be who we are.


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