Reward  Program



Reward  Program

Here at House 87 we are always looking for ways to improve your experience with us. We are so grateful  for every single amazing client that has been supporting our business.

Thinking in a way to thank our beloved clients and showing that we love you, we care for you and you are important for us,  proudly we introduce to you the House 87 Reward Program!
We want to reward your loyalty by allowing you to earn points  that can be converted to cash discount $$ every time you visit us in salon!

These points can be redeemed at your next appointment once you spent $300 at House 87, in other words, you get back to your appointment and you save $$ using your HOUSE 87 CASH!

Terms & Conditions

  1. To be able to  earn points at the House 87 Reward Program the client must be 18 years.

  2. There is no fee or extra charge to join the House 87 Reward Program.

  3. A minimum spend of $300 is required before redeem your points into monetary value.

  4. This amount of $300 can be spent buying: services, retail products and gift cards.

  5.  Points are accumulative and must be redeemed at time of 4 months when you spend in services more than  $100 dollars without purchasing packages, promotional deals or discounts.

  6. Points and House 87 Cash can be earned on House 87 Services and  in retail purchase products.

  7. The House 87 cash can only be redeemed on full price of House services, it's not included for the purchase of retail products.

  8. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  9. Points and House 87 Cash will expire after 4 months. 

  10. Existing points or House 87 Cash are non-transferrable.

  11. Points and House 87 Cash cannot be redeemed for real cash (Australian dollar). 

  12. The House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon company offers the House 87 Reward as a complimentary service to all clients without any extra charges or fees.

  13. The House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon company reserves the right to  alter, amend and cancel the  House 87 Reward Program at any time and at any day without notice.

  14. If is required information about the points existing, The House 87 Company has 72 hours to answer back to the client.