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The Sculpt Boost  is an EXCLUSIVE treatment created by Talu Rivafelis in 2018 and has been requested for some many people more information about, because of the amizing result that you can see already in the first session.

Find bellow, the most common questions and answers about the procedure.

Are you a person who has a healthy eating program, practices physical

activities regularly and even then, that “blessed” localised fat on your belly or inner thigh insists on staying and you do not know why?

The House 87 Barber & Beauty salon helps you figure out why.

We have in our body 3 basic layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermics.

In the hypodermic we concentrate our famous and "beloved" fat-storing cells, known as adipocytes. When we ingest more calories than we consume, these adipocytes accumulate in specific parts of our body, such as:
Adipocytes have a storage capacity and when they reach their limit, they tend to double, thus forming an increasing chain of cells composed of triglycerides.

When this type of localised fat is concentrated in regions such as the abdomen, flanks and thigh, it becomes more difficult to eliminate only with diet and physical activity. That's why SCULPT BOOST has come up to help you undo and eliminate degrading undesirable localised fats.

SCULPT BOOST is a treatment developed through a process that uses modelling manoeuvres techniques, detoxification and use of assets that allow to eliminate localized fats and cellulites. According to the professional, after a consultation, the use of lipocavitation and radio frequency can be indicated to potentiate the result.
The best thing about this technique is that it shows results of remodelling body and measurement loss in the first session. SCULPT BOOST is not a surgical procedure.

Because it is a new and exclusive protocol of House 87, developed together with doctor and beauticians in the aesthetics industry, there are some doubts about the techniques used and if they are even efficient.

Below you will find questions and answers to the most important questions regarding Sculpt Boost:

Is it a device?
No, it is a procedure performed through the methods of massage therapy and specialized products to eliminate the fats.
After consultation, the professional can make the association of the use of Lipocavitation and radiofrequency in the treatment, if necessary.


How long does each session last?
It lasts an average of 90 minutes.

Is it painless?
If the patient is sensitive to touch and the fat is very accumulated, the first sessions may be slightly painful due to the fat-breaking process, but the results appear in the first session.

Why does SCULPT BOOST promote this immediate result?
This is because of the products used, they are active and can act directly in the fat cells through a process called thermogenesis Temperature cycling, our products are made with nano tecnology .

What is thermogenesis Temperature cycling?
The thermogenesis Temperature cycling is the oscillation of body temperature the body is stimulated to consume more energy than it produces.
When your body induced the process of thermogenesis Temperature cycling, your body tries to balance the temperature through a process called homeostasis
Thus, it makes use of the accumulated energy in greater quantity, in other words, this procedure will get those accumulated adipocytes in the area where we will apply this technique; for example, in the abdomen.

These adipocytes in turn will be "broken" so that the triglycerides involved are consumed, directly reflecting the reduction of measurements.

The Sculpt Boost protocol involves not only actives that will stimulate thermogenesis Temperature cycling but also the combination of: modelling massage, a thermal band and magnet therapy that will aid in the local drainage. These stimulations will cause vasodilatation that will increase the permeability of the assets and potentializing the results.

How many sessions are needed?
The results of the SCULPT BOOST obtained in just one session are surprising and guaranteed.
But treatment can be done up to 2x / week and the number of sessions varies with the need of each client and the result obtained in each session. But the indicated ones are from 6 to 10 sessions for a great result!

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Here at House 87 Barber 87  we are constantly looking for the best workshops available worldwide to offer you the best trends at the market today and the best, offer you a healthy and shinne blonde.

Our latest workshop and Specialization was done with the amazing Romeu Felipe

the Wella Global Ambassador! Romeu is one of the world's leading hair colourists, globally renowned for creating beautiful ICONIC BLONDE LOOKS.

 We work with the thest hair products available nowadays at the market.




Before any bleaching procedure been done, you will pass through a hair test to know the conditions of your strand.

On our  blonde experience s included:

  • Pre bleaching hair treatment with keratin and essential oils,

  • Bleaching with WELLAPLEX/ SMARTBOND

  • Hair reconstructionpost bleaching

  • Tonner

  • Blowdry styling

  • Cumplementary quick makeup




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