Don't give up of your Dreams and Welcome to MY DREAM !

Hi, my name is Talu and I am one of the owners of House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon, together with my partner. Maybe you are thinking WHY this title, or that this first post should be regarding one of the services that we offer? But no, in this post I want to share one of my steps of how important it is to continue believing in yourself and how not give up of your goals. I am writing to you today because, even though some of my dreams have been becoming true, sometimes I look to the sky and see nothing but clouds hanging over me. However, I always bring back the thought that, after the storm will come a really beautiful and sunshiny day.

So, welcome onboard and I hope you enjoy this post =)

Most of the time we find ourselves in situations that drag us down and it makes us loose the focus on what we've been looking for.

I am Brazilian, and ever since I was 12 years old, my goal 'when I grew up' was: to live in Australia, travel around the world, study different languages, find the prince of my dreams, have my family and have my own beauty business. At that time, everything that could come out of my mouth was all about my dreams, goals and aspirations and I would tell anyone that would listen.

After some years, as time went by, life got in the way. I started working to earn money, I had rent to pay, I had a kid I needed to provide for, a car, bills along with all the usual things that life throws at you. Because of this, like most people, I started loosing my focus in my goals. Not because I wanted to, but because work and things in general kept me so busy that I started forgetting about me and what I would like to achieve and become.

I want to share with you a post that I found written by Amanda DeWitt , it's really interesting and this post helped me to define what I am talking about.

This post is about 7 reasons that makes us give up of our dreams in a way that we don't realise this happening with us, so I wanna share with you and show you that there is much more for you than give up.

1. Failure

I always dreamed big in life, but some circumstances and people tried to stop me because they had failed at their dreams and thought that the same would happen to me. When we put something in our mind that we want to achieve, the first thing we think about are the barriers and not about the possibilities. We think of all the different scenario and ways of how we can fail, but we can't see that, with our mistakes we can get better, stronger and learn more than we ever did before.

2. Persistence

Persistence is something that we can develop only through our failures and passing through hard times. If we never fall down, we would never learn how to get back up, stand and improve. Each time we pick ourselves back up and forge through, we get a little bit stronger and more capable of achieving our ultimate goals. I came to Australia with a goal: Become a successful hairdresser/ beauty therapist and have my own business. I had to face some situations that really dragged me down and made me think about giving up.

'Rocky' , he failed heaps of times before achieving his goal, but he kept persisting and persisting. He teaches us about never giving up on our dreams, even if you fail, just keep persisting. Before Sylvester Stallone become famous with his movie

3. It’s better to try and fail than to wonder what might have been.

Jesus, I can see right now my dad in front of me saying this sentence :" It’s better to try and fail than to wonder what might have been". I thank my parents by the woman that I became, but I thank God for the father he gave me- WHAT A MAN. He is the one that always, always was there and still is the one always here when I need and he believes in me, believes in my potential and that for sure my dreams will become true. In every single important step that I should take an important decision he was there for me , even when people around of me were saying that I will fail . When I decided my first course bachelor degree, when I decided to work abroad, (...) And even when I decided to come to Australia to make my dream become true.

Have you ever regretted trying something in your life? I d id so many times, but believe me, regret just will bring you bad feelings, all the time will come to your mind that doubt: but if I..., You don’t have to do something massive,just start planning again your goals with step by step on how you will achieve your dream and start having and action to remove your dreams from a paper and star walking to the direction to make a dream ( your dream) become true.

4. Successes along the way.

If your dreams are big enough and you know that is worth to fight for,doesn't matter the stones will appear in your way, don't let them be used to make you trip and fall, but use all of them that appears along to your way to build your stairs to step and achieve your success . And never forget to celebrate all your achievements, doesn't matter how big is, because those achievements you got, will be used to keep pushing you always to the next step and making you more and more confident and strong to make all your dreams , even the biggest one to become true.

5. The pursuit.

There are heaps of great stories we can hear nowadays that were conquered just after someone believe in yourself and keep pursuit their dreams.

Don't let your life be without colour and purpose, live, enjoy, love, make someone happy, help your neighbour ,have fun and make something big that you will be memorable for someone else. Our challenges make us fell better with ourselves and always encourage you to pushing you to the next level.

In other words, life is what happens when we make our way to achieve a goal, in order to value the pursuit, we need to follow our dreams. Always remember: YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN DESTINY, WISH TO BE WINNER AND MAKE YOUR DREAMS TO BECOME TRUE THAT EVERYTHING WILL TURN INTO REALITY.

6. Success is often just around the corner.

If only you knew how close you were, or how close you are right now to achieve what you've been struggling for! If only you knew what an impact would be if you have spend some minutes more talking to that guy, he could invite you for another date and become the man of your life, if you continue studying, you could be an expert now about that subject, or one more late and exhausted night working on your passion for tomorrow be the greatest discover or product at the market .

Often we give up far too soon of a dream that could drag us too far.

What we need to keep our eyes is in the big picture and now in the small flashes that appears along the way. we can’t see or discover what the future holds for us, but we sure can keep struggling and looking forward to our dreams because in a blink of eye, will become true .

7. Setting an example.

When I was a child my nanny always told me to do everything that I dreamed, even the silly things, but I should fight for my dreams and do not be like her that marriage when she was 16 and never had the opportunity to dream and persist to make her dreams become true. With that in mind I always thought about what my kids and grand kids will hear and remember from me.

Now I ask you, if you have children like I do (or might have them some day), how do you want your children will remember of you? Telling stories about how comfortable was sitting on you couch watching soap opera , or do you want to be remembered for the passion you had for life?

I decided to have a life full of adventures and knowledge, be surrounded by true love, love God more than everything, show my passion for my dreams and show them that, will never be easy, but putting all your straight is possible to become true.

I started achieving my dreams,I travelled around the world, learnt different languages, I am living in Australia, I found the man of my life, I have a beautiful family, and today, I wanna share with you my dream that you make part too, yes, you, because if my message is getting you now, doesn't matter who you are or where you are , is because you inspired me to create a space unique with services and quality that you never used to have before, I want invite you to come and Know House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon, because here is a place that Myself and my partner, my relatives and everyone involved, everyone who saw us nights awake, who saw our ideas into a paper, who saw how much passion and effort was involved to be able to create a space.

Here is the place that I dreamed for you, to be more than welcome and well treated .

So here, I share my dream and I invite to make part of this dream and allow us to make part of your care, and hopefully we can together , here at House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon share our experiences and show the future generations what it means to chase after our dreams, and most importantly, in the words of Winston Churchill,

“Never Never Never give up.”

#dreams #house87BarberBeautySalon #welcome #dontgiveup

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