Here at House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon we want to make you feel as home. Thinking on you, we created some special deals for you.



Have you ever thought about having some wine taste and at the same time be able to have your nails done or a wash/ blow dry

What about a happy hour with your mates where you can have some beers, play some pool table and at the same get a hair cut?

So, we have what you need to have an interesting day where you will be able to chilli out and look after yourself.  Call us for more information.



Are student struggling to pay all your bills, but would like to have a chance to have a haircut and pay 50% less?

Thinking on you, we created the STUDENT PASS, where from Monday to Wednesday we have discounts up to 50% in different services. Book your appointment and bring your school ID to get this deal. Call us for more information.

Pool Balls
Pool Balls


You are more than welcome to come and play some pool while you are waiting for yours of your friends services here, or even thou just come to play and chilli out with us. Call us for more information.

HAIR DONATION- Hair with Heart


Would you like to help someone in need? 

Let us help help you to help someone. 

Here at House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon, all hair for donation the cut is for FREE!!!

There are a couple of do’s and don’ts to donating your hair, as :

  • The length of hair needs to be 14 inches (35.5cm)

  • Hair needs to be natural - no permanent or semi-permanent hair dye.

  • Either full grey or a couple of grey strands is ok

Call us for more information.


You mom, would you like to be able to look after yourself, but sometimes to do this looks impossible because you need to look after your kids? 

Here at House 87 Barber & Beauty Salon we have a special area for you come and bring your kids. While you are having your nails done, they can play.

We offer services for kids as well, as: haircut, nails, massage , mom & daughter spa and pamper parties.

Call us for more information

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Would you like to claim back your healthy hair how you used to have before and you don't know what to do?

We are here to help you. 

We have here on our team a trichologist that will be able to analyze your hair structure, giving you a hair coaching, preparing a capillary chronogram for you according to your needs and recommend the best products that suit you.